Happy National Cookie Day 2017!!!!

Hey, everyone, happy national cookie day 2017!!! Sadly, I have no cookies to eat because it’s too late to run to the store (small town Tuscany probs). However, I hope everyone that reads this eats a cookie on this wonderful day. Bite in and appreciate the wonderful invention that is the COOKIE! For national cookie… Continue reading Happy National Cookie Day 2017!!!!

Christmas in West Des Moines

My new blog! I am actually not currently sipping a latte and wearing my Patagonia sweatshirt. I’m wearing a collared shirt from Kohls, jeans I’ve had for years and some socks that Sofie got me – keeping it real. Anyways, let’s get into my life.

Yes, it is this time of year again – Of course, I am talking about Christmas! My family and I joined the grandparents here in West Des Moines, Iowa to celebrate! Their house is always so nice, cozy, decorated to a T! As you can see:

As you can see:


The tree is beautifully decorated and illuminated thanks to my Grandpa, Steve. What you can’t see/smell from this picture is the food being cooked by Grandma Ann (I assure you, the food is well worth the year-long wait)!

Now, for what is really interesting: the present list! Here is what I have acquired:

  • Amazon Gift Cards (that’s right, plural)
  • Norwegian Sweater Vest
  • Embroidered Towel (it says, “Q”)
  • Antibacterial Facial Towel (thanks, mom)
  • cute little Santa ornament with a secret compartment
  • cycling socks, hat and gloves (shout out to my peeps in New Jersey – I miss you!!!)
  • A couple books from my dad
  • socks (SOCKS!!!)
  • Fandango Giftcard
  • Running shoes (Nike Structure 18)
  • Last but not least… AVETT BROTHERS TICKETS (Sofie, you ARE the best.)

Most importantly, spending time with my family is always the best gift! (not just saying that, I really mean it!!)

Lastly, I’m off to Giant’ Ridge in Biwabik, MN for a few days to cap off the year! I CAN NOT WAIT to ski! FINALLY! However, all the cycling gifts I’ve received have tempted me to go on some winter rides (I mean, as an adult I am able to do whatever I want! Right?)

Always wishing for snow,