Mexican Chocolate & Ginger-Molasses Cookies! – Seward Community Co-op – Seward, MN

Sofie is the best. For a variety of reasons but one in particular that gets me every time, she brings me COOKIES!

Anyone that brings me cookies wins me over almost instantly. However, when Sofie brings me cookies, I don't just eat cookies and write about them, I experience what love really means; eating cookies with the biggest smile directed right at me, Sofie's smile! That may impact my enjoyment of cookies (positively) but I don't mind.

Sofie and I took the express bus from Minneapolis to Forest Lake to get home one day and had to wait for a bit at the Forest Lake library. The library was closed so we simply sat outside. That was fine because we saw a beaver in the small pond out in front of the library!

Shortly after seeing the beaver, Sofie whipped out a bag of cookies for us to share (just melting my heart in the process)! These cookies are like a stout, dark and strong but absolutely enjoyable.

The Mexican Chocolate cookie was awesome! What a unique cookie. I had previously consumed Mexican Chocolate once before and it was life changing (I highly recommend picking up some course-ground Mexican Chocolate if you are able to, you won't regret it). The cookie reminded me of a stroll through the woods, with some strong hot chocolate but all in cookie form.

Next, and you better believe we ate both cookies, we ate the ginger-molasses cookie. I'm actually a fan of ginger-molasses cookies despite their obvious lack of chocolate. I like ginger. If this troubles anyone, take it up with my lawyer.

The ginger-molasses cookie was strong, like Sofie and I like it. The cookie reminded me of the ginger-molasses cookie I ate in Seattle at Bakery Nouveau! What a time to be alive. The ginger made my eyes water just slightly and the molasses reminded me of my wonderful Grandma Arcella.


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