Chocolate cookie with ice cream on top – Blarney’s – Dinkytown, MN

I never though my blog would contain such a prime specimen of human intellect at work. This evening, I ate the best cookie and ice cream combo I've ever had the pleasure of eating. And at Blarney's in Dinkytown, nonetheless.

I am only able to describe my emotions for this experience in the form of a poem:

Ice cream on top of a cookie
Baked warm, melty chocolate
A perfect pair, the perfect temperature
The best things in life are unseen
For the ice cream conceals so much
You must give it a chance
Always say yes to ice cream and cookies 🍪

For $5, this sundae was both amazing and affordable considering it is a dessert for two, but it can also be for one (if you're like me). You may get a strange look from the bouncer when you tell him you aren't there for drinks, but rather for an ice cream sundae. The humiliation and confusion will soon pass when the sundae is sitting in front of you, in all of its glory, tempting every single taste bud individually with its perfect, warm cookie bottom and ice cream, whipped cream and cherry top.


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