Moose and Sadie’s – Triple Cookie Special! – North Loop 

Shout out to my parents for taking me to this cafe! The vibes, initially, were interesting. Sort of like a less polished version of the Bachelor Farmer’s cafe. 

Onto the cookies, all THREE of them! Perks of visiting a cafe with my cookie-loving family! 

The three cookies I ate (with my Mom and Sister) include: 

Sugar Cookie with Cocoa Nibs 

  • Albeit unique, I didn’t particularly enjoy this cookie. The cocoa nibs were a draw, but the sugar cookie aspect was lacking. Sugar cookies will never be the same ever since my experience at Amazing Grace Cafe in Duluth. 

Malted Double Chocolate Cookie 

  • This cookie was a lot more satisfying, probably because I love chocolate. I don’t even know what Malted means in terms of a cookie but I didn’t care at the time and I don’t care now! This cookie was a bit chewy and crisp around the edges, great features of an enjoyable cookie. 

Pumpkin Cookie with Dried Cherries 

  • This cookie, despite the lack of chocolate, was my favorite of the bunch. It was so soft and flavorful. The pumpkin and cherry combo hit my tastebuds unlike other cookies because of the unique height and shape of the cookie. Sofie and I once made pumpkin cookies with glaze, they were about as good as this one. I know you’ll see this, sof, I’m proud that we once made a delicious, cafe-worth cookie!

Aside from the cookies, Moose and Sadie’s has great coffee. 


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