Izzy’s Ice Cream – Chocolate Crinkle Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich with Blue Mountain Spice Ice Cream – Minneapolis, MN 

Here’s the thing, when ice cream and cookies are combined, particularly in sandwich formation, magic tends to occur. 

Magic is exactly what occurred on that evening, the evening I met the love of my taste buds. Izzy’s teamed up with Birchwood to create one of the most wonderful desserts of all time, a birchwood-cookie ice cream sandwich. 

This ice cream sandwich is the first to be posted about on my cookie blog! Is my cookie blog expanding it’s horrizions? Who is to say. 

Anyways, this ice cream sandwich consists of two chocolate crinkle cookies from the Birchwood cafe, previously blogged about, with a generous amount of “Blue Mountain Spice” ice cream in the middle. The best way I can describe that flavor of ice cream is by comparing it to an iced chai, but ice cream versions are ALWAYS better. 

This ice cream sandwich changed the game, the ice cream sandwich game, for me. 

Get yourself one! 

A poor picture of the cookie itself, in all of its glory.
Izzy’s nailed their new location, right next to Gold Medal Park, downtown Minneapolis.


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