Birchwood Cafe – Chocolate Chip Cookie – Minneapolis, MN 

This all bagan with a triple date, some pals and their special pals, and birchwood was decidedly the place to be! 

The food was pretty good, but the desserts were better! I say that like I had multiple desserts and like I ate dessert after my food which I did not. I ate my one cookie before my food, no regrets at all. 

I ended up sharing my cookie with Sam, Sofie and Isaac and told them that they must provide a sentence about what they think of the cookie. Here is what they said: 

Sofie: “I like the crispness.” 

Sam: “That’s a good cookie!”  

Isaac: “It’s just, like, a good chocolate chip cookie.” 

I agree with all of them! The cookie was nicely crisp around the edges and soft toward the middle! Plus, I know that birchwood uses quality ingredients. Plus, plus, birchwood has a really cool bike club and good coffee – what more can one ask for? 


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