Chocolate chip cookie – St. Peter Co-op – St. Peter, MN 

Second shot at cookie glory, and the St. Peter co-op NAILED IT! I love these cookies. Ratings don’t matter when taste buds light up like mine do when I indulge myself in the wonderfulness that is these cookies! I don’t particularly enjoy the cookies that are sold individually but the cookies that come in a bag (6 per bag, AKA one Q serving) are outstanding. These things are thick and chocolately – something I wasn’t sure I’d ever type out at 10pm but it happened and I don’t regret it! 

When in St. Peter, these cookies will help you remain awake on the drive back to Minneapolis where exciting things happen… sorry to hate. 

Seriously, these cookies are DA BOMB! Definitely up there with Rustica (though, Rustica is still untouchable), Great Harvest and T-Rex. 

Also, I have a confession. I eat a lot more cookies than I blog about. If anyone has objections to that, drop me a comment. I’ll make sure to blog about every cookie I ever eat, no matter. I know that isn’t a proper ending to a sentence, I write about cookies not English grammar. 
Much love from the cookie-loving Q! Thanks for reading! 


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