Jour De Fete – Aspen, CO – chocolate chip cookie

You know what they say: when in Aspen! Well, I say that, at least. To preface, me, Sam Renier and David Brown decided to take a spring break trip to Aspen – it did not disappoint. One major priority next to skiing as much as possible: eat a few cookies. This cookie is the second I ate while in Aspen and it was incredibly satisfying. I munched in it while sipping my Italian, Lavazza, espresso and soaking up the sun in a prime patio seat. Aspen, what a fun place. 
Now, to get to the cookie… 
Ever had a croissant and a cookie at the same time? This chocolate-chip classic is the epitome of French baking. Buttery, soft, delicious. David Brown described it as “floury” which may inspire thoughts of flour itself, but he meant that this cookie was a dense, soft, delectable delight! Again, another unique cookie at around 8,000 feet of elevation. Nothing like the cookie from Up 4 Pizza! But still, very unique. 

To top off the experience, as we were leaving, the French owner said “bye bye” and I whispered “give me your recipes”. He didn’t hear me… 

Cookies always = fun times, especially in Aspen! 


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