Chocolate Chip Cookie – Up 4 Pizza (Snowmass ski area) 

At 11,835 feet, baking is an interesting endeavour. Somehow, Up 4 Pizza is able to pull off baking pizzas and cookies to an impressive standard. I can’t speak for the pizza, but let me tell you about this cookie I had the other day at 11,835 feet. These cookies are fresh from the oven and show it! This cookie from Up 4 Pizza on the Snowmass Mountain is the best cookie I’ve had at 11,835 feet and the only as well. However, let me say some more: this cookie is the gooiest, chocolatiest, most complex cookie I’ve ever had! It was crispy on the outside but completely soft and gooey on the inside – must be the altitude! 

Needless to say, this was a perfect day of skiing and cookies! 


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