Chocolate Coconut (dipped) – Espresso Royale – Dinkytown, MN 

I’ve already blogged about this cookie but it’s a great cookie (don’t you see?)! After a long day, this thing is like therapy but much cheaper and I don’t actually have to tell it my feelings. Today, I’ve gone from icicle to lava lamp in terms of temperatures – biking to class outside to running on the treadmill. I woke up too early, but got a lot done. I met with a professor, always slightly stressful. I got a lot of other work done and even had a nice, long chat with a coworker who I respect and enjoy talking with. I had a great bowl of soup; delicious. I met a friend at Espresso Royale to chat and found the fate that has been patiently awaiting my consumption. I also did some taxes… good for me. Not that my life is particularly difficult, I just enjoy cookies and my day has been long, fully justifying a good cookie. I never thought I’d post about cookies to unwind from the day. I have no regrets. 


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