Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip – Turtle Bread – Minneapolis, MN 

BIG SHOUT OUT TO DAVID BROWN for sending me this post to feature. You’re the man! I’m pumped to feature your cookie thoughts. 

Turtle Bread 

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (I think) 

I was picking up a gift for a friend over in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis this afternoon. On my way out of the gift shop, my eye caught the sign for Turtle Bread. My first thought was, “Hmmm. Why are those two words together?” Then I thought, “Ohh it’s a bakery, David.” Then I thought, “I wonder if they have cookies.” Then I thought, “What kind of sensible bakery doesn’t have cookies.” So I went in and found exactly what excites every person on this here planet, 2 trays stacked high with cookies. Now comes the hairy part, and I’m not talking about the turtle’s longtime foot race opponent, the cookies were in a serve yourself island. This made me uneasy because I had to select my own cookie without knowing what flavor it was. “I see brown things. Are those raisins or choco chips? That one has the most brown things. I want that one” was my internal monologue naturally wanting the most out of this cookie experience. 

Like the disciplined young man that I am I took it to go to eat after my lunch. Sure enough I went in for the first bite and was surprised by the crunch factor. A crumbly and crunchy cookie it was. It had that sugary, stick to your teeth feel that made the sweetness linger in your mouth. The chocolate chips were blissful little nuggets of indulgence and plentiful they were. I was eating this cookie in front of two peers so I generously asked if they want a bite. “No thanks.” said one. “I’m okay” said the other. “Hell yes. More cookie for me.” I said to myself. 

I don’t really know if it was a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie or a double chocolate chip cookie. Regardless, it was a fantastic treat on a Friday afternoon. 


(This post brought to you by Mr. David Brown the fifth) 


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