Nanding’s – Chocolate Chip (and walnut) Cookie – Waikiki, HI

Some say “When in Rome…” well, I’m amending that phrase. From now on, I will say “When in Hawaii!”. I have so far experienced great coffee, sushi, waves and views while in Oahu. However, this is the first cookie I’ve had while here. Sofie and I just finished a lunch at Genki Sushi where a bullet train delivers the sushi! Really!
We were walking back and I spotted a bakery with my cookie senses, they were tingling. 🍪 👋 
We walked in and we’re greeted by a Hawaiian woman, “Aloha”. I just said “hi” because I haven’t adjusted yet. Although, I did throw a “Shaka” at someone and almost called them “uncle” so that was great. 
Anyways, the cookie was amazing. I wasn’t expecting such a decadent, delightful, voluminous, chocolately cookie! My word, this cookie was crispy on the outside, chewy, warm and soft on the inside and just right all over! Thank you, Nanding’s!!!! 

Enjoy the pictures below: 

ARS Cafe – S/O to Michael for the hook up
Top left is spam


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