Holiday shindig – Eggnog and molasses cookies (separate cookies) 

Thank you, David, for the party. Also, thank you, David’s roommates, Nick and Anna, for allowing the party (and participating!). 
A few holiday libations later and the homemade cookies make a, very needed, appearance! 
Eggnog and molasses cookies, served in the finest of Tupperware containers by none other than Nick, roommate of David. My night was instantly made! The obvious love and holiday cheer that went into these cookies is obvious! The flavor, so festive and jolly! Truly a night to remember… 

T’was the weekend before Christmas 

And all through the duplex 

No one was sober, not even the elusive mouse

The cookies were being passed around with care

In hopes that Paul Nordquist would soon be there 
Merry Christmas, happy holidays from Q’s cookie blog! Send me your amazing holiday cookie pictures, I will make a post of the best cookies (everyone will be included 😊) 



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