Buckeye Cookie – Aidan’s Mom again! 

Rating: 9 

This is not your average cookie – this is a buckeye cookie. Imagine a world where everything contains unhealthy amounts of peanut butter and chocolate. Well, friends, I’m here today to tell you that you may be able to live in such a world for a few short seconds. To do so, you must phone Michelle Lee and ask her to make you some Buckeye Cookies. Her phone number can be found in the nearest directory for wonderful moms. 

Thanks again, Michelle! And please, keep ‘Ek coming! 😊 

A side note, the object next to the cookie in the picture is infact a real Buckeye! The resemblance is striking, I know! Michelle might just be an expert Dendrologist as well as Cookie baker. 

All is well in this apartment! 


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