Monster Cookie – Great Harvest

9.4 is the rating. 

So, I have a confession: I’m a sucker for any cookie with oatmeal! Oatmeal is simply so satisfying and delicious in a cookie. Oatmeal is the type of food that is able to satisfy a lumberjack’s hunger and also make your grandma smile. It’s the type of food you eat if you’re a simple person, or Norwegian, or a skier, or probably all three. However, I’m only two – or at least I like to think so. Maybe you think I’m just one of those. Maybe you don’t think I am any. Oh well. Who cares? I just had an amazing cookie and chances are you did not. 

Anyhow, the monster cookie from great harvest is sitting #2 on my cookie list rankings. Pretty legit considering only the bittersweet chocolate stands in front of it (a total class act). If you’re feeling like a cookie, great harvest WILL NOT let you down! They make nice, large, delicious cookies that will make you smile out of tasty joy! 

A huge, public thank you to super-grandparents, Rod and Barb. I’m glad you’re in my life and I’m even more glad that you brought me a cookie! You’re the best! (Easy way to my heart, ladies and gentlemen). 

As Cookie Monster once said, “cookie”. 

Yes, Cookie Monster, I feel you there. 

Obviously a beautiful bottom to a beautiful cookie. Not going to lie, I love M&Ms. Although my girlfriend might disaprove of the petroleum based coloring used to color M&Ms, they are just too dang good.

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