Monster Cookie – Tin Bins – Stillwater, MN


Okay, check it out – I’m a sucker for Monster Cookies and I also love my home area, Stillwater. Naturally, I picked up this cookie and gave it a good ol’ fashioned eating. Danny and Ian were recruited to help me out, this Monster cookie wasn’t messing around. This cookie has an 8 rating for good reason. It is essentially the Toyota Camry of cookies – reliable, pretty great and reasonably priced. To clarify on that reasonable piece, I mean it will never let you down if you’re trying to sate a cookie craving (daily occurrence for me). Here are the ratings Ian and Danny gave:

Ian: 8

Danny: 7

Danny didn’t like it quite as much, but I know his rating system is a bit more focused on criticality rather than pure cookie enjoyment. Ian, however, has his cookie rating on point. ‘nough said.

So, as I sit here, writing about a cookie I enjoyed, listening to the Cactus Blossoms, about to go for a bike ride, I am thinking about where to go next. I have a small list of future cookie locations but if you have a suggestion, leave a quick comment and let me know what’s up! I’d appreciate it and I’ll even give you a shout when I post the review (how cool would that be?).


BOC (Bottom of Cookie) – important visual to consider. Everything looks good!


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