Salted Caramel Cookie – Great Harvest Bread Co. 


OH SNAP, Y’ALL! Don’t be afraid of that 9.0 rating. Instead, rejoice and try this cookie. 

Yes, it is true, this cookie is delicious in many ways. This cookie is the cookie that cookies want to be. This cookie is the cookie that I, a cookie lover, want to eat – any time, any day. I do love chocolate but the combination of salt and caramel make this cookie a special outlier. Again, your grandma’s cookies have nothin’ on this cookie! Take another look at the picture of this cookie up top and recognize the coarse grains of salt sprinkled atop the cookie. Imagine eating this cookie, the salt intensely hitting your taste buds while the caramel soothes your sweet tooth. If that experience isn’t magical I’m not sure if anything will please you. 

Now for the review and why I tried this cookie out:

Luckily, the Amazing Anderson grandparents, Rod and Barb, seem to always send Sofie home with some treats. Shout out to those two for making me exuberantly delighted! Special guests for this cookie tasting are the following: 

Sofie: 8 – says she is more of a chocolate person, agrees that the salt and caramel do work well together. Still, a great cookie. 

Clara: 9 – definitely a crowd pleaser, may be favorite to this day. 

Q: I love this cookie. It’s the kind of cookie that satisfies the stomach, soul, and sweet tooth! 

Surprise guest, keep scrolling! 
As you may find out below, Paul Nordquist is the surprise, extra special guest! We had a discussion about cookies and he agrees that this cookie in particular is the bomb-diggity. So, Paul, you may check being featured on Q’s cookie blog off your bucket list! Thanks for the pic. 

Extra special guest, Paul Nordquist, snapchatted me a picture of his beautiful hand holding an even better looking Salted Caramel cookie from Great Harvest. Shout out to you, Paul! You’re the man.

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