Coconut Chocolate Dipped Cookie – Espresso Espose 

Special review featuring my FAM! Here are the ratings: 

Coconut chocolate dipped cookie -espresso royale

Cece: 9.3   Karina: 9    Juanita(momma):8          Q: 8.5

This cookie – A treat for after a stressful week, bad break up, first date, gift to your Mother because you love her! Really, fundamentally a great cookie and the uniqueness is a plus. Who dips cookies in chocolate anymore? Especially just the half. Good stuff, Espresso Espose! 

This cookie has got some serious wow-factor working for it! The coconut is definitely a good thing and so is the fact that it is dipped in chocolate. However, the wow-factor isn’t all this cookie has to offer! I do recommend checking this cookie out if your sweet tooth has been sending you death threats for the entire day. 

Espresso Expose is located in Dinkytown near my favorite restaurant, Wally’s Falafel and Hummus. Here’s a date for ya: walk along the stone arch bridge, find your way to Wally’s, grab a cookie for dessert and live happily ever after! If you are able to enjoy a nice cookie with your other half, understand  you are in a solid situation. 

Mr. T says: “I pitty the fool who don’t like cookies!”)

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