Rustica (yes, again!) – Chocolate Chip Classic


Yeah baby, a 9. If your grandmother thinks she makes good chocolate chip cookies, I’ll stop you right there and tell you her cookies aren’t half the cookie this one is. This chocolate chip cookie is special.

“Why, why is this special, Quentin?”

Let me answer your questions, hypothetical person with the nerve to question my cookie judgement.

Long ago, a time when Nokia was the dominant cell phone company, baby bottle pops were cooler than anything and the Bush Administration began to destroy the hope of many Americans, I ate a chocolate chip cookie – my life has forever been different. I will eat many a variety of cookie but there is nothing like a good ol’ chocolate chip classic (I just said my title like some movies do and it’s kind of awkward but everything will be fine, I assure you).

Anyways, Rustica makes the best chocolate chip cookie around, that is all I have to say. For now.

BONUS: (yeah, I can do that, it’s my blog. Honestly, if no one reads this I don’t mind. More precious cookie info for me.)  Check this pic I took of the bottom of the cookie. I mean, if it doesn’t remind you of your childhood, happiness, delicious things in general, why/how do I know you?


Ever seen Jesus? This isn’t anything like people think he/she may look like but who cares – I praise cookies. 



Also, from now on, I’m omitting the “address” and “website” features of my reviews to make more room for my cookie ramblings. If anyone would like me to reinstate those features, please leave me a comment! No one has left me a comment, ever, so that would actually be kind of interesting.


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