Quixotic Coffee, Highland Park – Peanut Butter Cookie


Quixotic is a fairly new, trendy cafe in Highland Park off of Cleveland Ave. It has replaced White Rock for those of you who are familiar with the area. I haven’t tried their coffee but their cookies are pretty good! As an added plus, they have Kombucha on tap!

I was lucky to have my friend, Katie Williams, along for this one! I was having a difficult time deciding what type of cookie I was eating. Katie spoke up and said, “it’s obviously peanut butter!”

I should have known.

Also, I have been taking simple, overhead pictures of the cookies I’ve been eating. I think that it gets the job done well and presents the cookie in a non-subjective manner. However, I guess Katie is some kind of aesthetic professional because she took my phone and insisted I use a more artsy photo. This one’s for you!

Cookie Review:

  • Coated with sugar (interesting)
  • thick (awesome)
  • subdued peanut taste, not overwhelming (nice)
  • lacks chocolate, sadly (it’s okay, though)
  • not a typical cookie due to thickness and texture


  • like a “muffie” from Panera (8.1)
  • definitely peanut buttery
  • lack of chocolate is sad but we deal
  • place also has good kombucha on tap


Address: 769 Cleveland Ave S, St Paul, MN 55116

Website: http://www.quixoticcoffee.com/


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