Rustica Bakery – Bittersweet Chocolate Cookie

9.5 (highest yet!!)



Address: 3220 W Lake St. Minneapolis, MN 55416

Take your friends to Rustica, have some delicious cookies, thank me later! Seriously, this cookie should be the gold standard. I would rank it as a 10 but I believe there is still a god-sent cookie waiting for me somewhere in the world! Regardless, this is the cookie your grandmother wishes she could bake, the cookie that bench presses multiple boxes of Oreos without breaking a sweat. Check it out, tell them Q sent you! (Be prepared to bear a confused look followed by a response like, “o…okay, I don’t know who that is.”.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Bittersweet chocolate chip cookie
  • Sugar pressed into the top
  • Feels soft and amazing
  • Visible chocolate
  • Made with bread flour and 70% cacao bittersweet chocolate(100% amazing!)!!
  • Quite chewy!
  • Almost like a brownie (on their website it mentions brownies, call me a pro)

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