River Rock – St. Peter, MN – “Hermit” Cookie

7.8 (me)  –  7.5 (Sofie)

This cookie is more of a scone/cookie. It is made with oats and is soft and scone-ish (thicker and not round) rather than crisp and round like a typical cookie. That is okay. Everything is just fine. Sofie joined me to rate and taste this cookie! I will be performing joint cookie-tasting evaluations now and then. Also, I will be posting pictures of the cookies now!

River Rock is a great, organic cafe in St. Peter, MN near Gustavus Adolphus College – Sofie attends college there.

Address: 301 S Minnesota Ave, St Peter, MN 56082

Website: locu.com

Cookie Attributes (with Sofie’s comments as well, they are in “”!)

  • “looks really good”
  • appears healthy (no form of grease/oil on plate)
  • visible chocolate chips
  • free-form and hearty looking
  • tastes kind of like a cliff bar but better
  • “Scone-like”
  • better with butter? (tried and can confirm, yes)
  • quite chewy
  • organic (SUPA COOL!)
  • better as a snack vs dessert
  • banana bread-ish

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