Surprise adventure day 

Today has been incredibly interesting, to say the least!

 Now, to say the rest. I played a board game with fellow Marine residents (also good friends), the Kirns, hung out with Sofie before she left for school, toured the Minneapolis/St. Paul air traffic control tower and went out to eat at Chino Latino to cap off the day! 

My day began with a ski. Air temp: -8 F, wind temp: -20 F. I did not last very long. 

After I defrosted, Andy (of the Kirns) picked me up and we went down to his house for a chat, a nespresso (coffee), some cookies (white chocolate with just the right amount of orange peel zest – delicious!) and a board game called “Dead of Winter”. We began to play, and quickly figured out how intricate and confusing the game is. With so many rules and neuonces to consider, we decided to call it after a couple hours of confusion. On my way out, I snagged a picture of the snowman that Ann and Andy created. 

Andy dropped me off at the Wicklund ranch so I could see them before I had to leave for my “surprise adventure day”. I already miss her! Good thing I’m planning a visit for this coming week before I go back to school. 

Finally, my parents arrived in their nice white, new Volvo. I love Volvos. Anyways, we took off toward the surprise location. My sisters and I kept guessing what we were about to do, but we were stumped! We drove up to the Minnespolis/ St. Paul airport, and then to the Air Traffic Control Tower. What a cool experience! We met John Moore, a man who buys coffee from my dad and has been working in the “tower” (the part of the Air Traffic Control building that everyone knows) for over 30 years! 

First, we saw the radar room. It was dark and had computer screens with radars and dots on it – basically exactly how movies depict it, but with less yelling and more jokes. 

Next, we saw the “tower”. Definitely an amazing view, pretty easy day for the air traffic controllers as the skies were clear and there weren’t an excessive amount of flights requesting to land or depart. John described the air traffic as an “accordion”. Not too busy in the morning, picks up in the afternoon, quite busy around 5:30ish, then calms down again later. Interesting. Pic of the tower below. We spent most of our time in the very top glass portion of the tower. 

My parents want me to get a job as an Air Traffic Controller in the tower because they would benefit from my perks (such as free flights) and decently high pay considering I would have such a nice view. 

On a side note, if you didn’t know this about me, I love airports. They are one of my favorite places to be. Not inside of them, but outside watching the planes, smelling the burning jet fuel and taking it all in. My father described the coordination of air traffic as a “dance”. I think I’d be pretty good at “dancing”. I may have a career in air traffic control! We shall continue to explore. 

After the surprise adventure, we went to Chino Latino and I stuffed myself. I mean, stuffed. Chino Latino is the kind of like Buca Di Bepo but Asian fusion. My family ordered pot stickers and plantain nachos as appetizers, pad thai with shrimp, tacos and peanut curry for the main meal and fried ice cream and molten chocolate cake for dessert. So full, so happy. Pic of Karina and Cece taking a selfie – sorry table behind us for all the flashes. 

Unrelated: I got my ski race suit from Podium Wear; ski u mah! (Excuse the selfie)


That’s a wrap! Yet another interesting day in the IkutaSchodde clan. 

More soon. 
Be cool!  (But stay warm!) 



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