New year, same Q! 

No New Years resolutions for me, just a couple promises! I promise to give my all in school, take more time time to consider the importance of the future and to remind my friends how important they are to me! 

Anyways, I brought in the new year, 2016, with some of the best people on earth – The Wicklunds, Rosenbowers and the Hansons at Gina Oesterreich’s lovely new house!  

We ate some delicious food – salmon, deviled eggs, soup, Parmesan crackers and cookies, along with various bevereges like sparkling elderflower juice and Champagne! We played some games and before we knew it, the new year arrived! Everyone stated a notable event for 2015 and something they expect for 2016! 

Notable event for 2015: being away from Sofie. By that I mean, the time we spent apart. Over a month and a half we were apart in an effort to explore our own domains in college. However, we both decided that we are happier together. Now, we are happier than ever! I love Sofie so much. Just look at this table presence:  

 What I expect for 2016: to be very liberal (Sofie, let Brian know that I stated that on my blog) – inside joke, don’t worry about it. 

Today, boy today has been phenomenal! I spent the majority of the new year sleeping, skiing and spending some time with Sofie – a dream come true! 

I also took this pic  while skiing (in my backyard)! 

Have a great 2016, I know I will! 

Don’t forget, sometimes you just need to sit on the cough and snuggle next to someone you love – it works every time.  



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