Third day of skiing in paradise 

Today was eventful! There was skiing, pizza and skits. 

The first ski was very productive! I got to work with Brian Wicklund and some other boys on technique (building up the Stilwater Empire, ensuring future state Nordic domination). For the second ski, I was lucky enough to convince Sofie and Clara to ski with me! We classic skied the gold trail and had a fabulous time! Stefan Nelson joined us for the last 5km of the 14km. It was nice talking with him – he is currently a 2nd year at Northern Michigan University and proud Stillwater Alum. Heading back, I was looking forward to the evening activities. 

We ate pizza, took some boxes for other night time activities (sledding) and talked about judging the skits. Here is background on the pizza, skit and skiing night: on the third evening of the Giants Ridge ski camp we always order pizza for dinner, which is extremely exciting because everyone is tired and more hungry than usual. After, the skits occur. Skits are a Giants Ridge tradition and have been happening for the past 35 years! The skits are done by each room (optional to do skits by room or to assemble a team) and judged by Stilwater Alumni. The judging panel consisted of myself, Sofie Wicklund, Matt Trumper, Linder Wendt, Megan Weaver, Davis Gray and Stefan Nelson. Bill introduced all of us and the skits began.  

Not to forget, Sofie and I just happened to coordinate matching Norwegian Sweaters! Super adorbs!  

This evening, we thought of seven awards to give: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, MVP, best musical, Cutest, worst/best “burn” and the “ice cold” awards. 

After a tough process plagued with disagreement and argument, we came to a decision. Notably, the coaches won 1st place ONCE AGAIN. The coaches reenacted a narnia-esque skit which involved Bill the Beaver, Kris the Ice Queen and Tim the Lion (pictured below, shirtless and very hairy).  

 After the skits, everyone was happy and peachy! Even better, we had some vanilla ice cream that was dished up by the captains (even sweeter). 

Once emotions leveled out from the skits, Matt and I just hung out with the seniors and planned a relaxing evening at the Forest Garden Motel for our final night. We will not miss the place, but we do have a few stories to tell. 

Anyways, another great day of skiing! Giants Ridge is always the best time of the year! 2016 is fast approaching, but there is still a lot of skiing to be done in 2015 – especially because Marine and Stillwater got some more snow! Yay! 

Peace and Blessings, 



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