Another excellent day in Biwabik 

You may not notice this, but I do. The expression on Sofie’s face makes me so happy, because I know that she is incredibly happy (skiing and taking pics of nature)!    

Today was tiring. The kind of day where you finish skiing, sit in the car to go back to the hotel and almost fall asleep but can’t because you are too hungry. 

Matt (Trumper, but he is now on a first name basis with my blog) and I lead a group of boys for the morning ski. We worked on technique while skiing about 20km total. Lunch was exciting, a turkey and cheese sandwich on white bread – never have I tasted something so divine. 

After lunch, I skied with Sofie. My wrist has been hurting, the varsity boys did some intervals, and I had no chance of keeping up with one good wrist (wrists are surprisingly important to skiing). Instead, I had a lovely ski with Sofie (also on a first name blog basis as of now)! We kept stopping to observe the breathtakingly beautiful sights of snow and Northern-Minnesota nature (okay, we were actually literally out of breath, but the scenery was very nice)! We skied around 25km, making for a daily total of 45km. 

After the second ski I was toast, and I really could have eaten a lot of toast at that point (very hungry). My ride (Matt’s dad, Mark) took us back to the team hotel shortly after we finished skiing, the drive back is roughly enough time to complete a game of Life on an iPhone if you rush. 

Back at the hotel, I had some coffee with Sofie and we chatted. I ate dinner with the team and relaxed for a bit. Sofie and I played cards to pass the time. Sofie and her mom had plans to go to a Carribean restaurant in Gilbert, MN, and to meet up with Sofie’s Sister, Clara, as well as Nate Hanson, Gina and Justine and Forest and his girlfriend. Who knew the folks in Gilbert liked their Carribean food so much as to support a Caribbean restaurant (the bar is likely the main source of income. I mean, it is in Gilbert.). So, I went with them! There is always extra room for some delicious jerk-prepared meats! I ordered the jerk-pork nachos, delicious they were. Table conversation mainly consisted of college semester study abroad trips and scary movies.

Now, heading back to the hotel, reflecting, the day was another great one. The beautiful iron range landscape, the smile on Sofie’s face when we were skiing together, the red, rosy cheeks of all the Stillwater  Nordic skiers made my day! These days are always a highlight of my year. 

Tomorrow will be another full day of skiing and fun! 

You can find me in the hot tub if you need me. 

Also, if you ever need a place to stay near Giants Ridge and don’t have a sensitive nose, I highly recommend the Forest Garden Motel in Aurora, MN. Robert will greet you with a smile and trust, the room will be warm and clean enough. For $45 a night, you can’t go wrong (Though, Mike Noer was not impressed, Matt and I like it.) 


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