Skiing is life!

Very successful day of skiing at the Ridge today! Three hour classic ski for 36 km! Almost all the best trails were open and the trees were covered in snow, so pretty! I was so ready for dinner after the ski, we had some delicious burritos (thanks parents and volunteers! To make this camp happen!!), and then some cookies! The team is taking almost an entire hotel in Hoyt lakes, the rooms are nice – two beds with two in each bed and one on the floor (per fire code restrictions). After eating and chilling for a bit, Matt Trumper (aka fearless impromptu night ski leader), Sofie Wicklund (aka picture perfect technique and even better looking face) and I went on a ski around the “trails” behind the hotel. At first, I was skeptical and rather annoyed. My wrist was hurting from the long ski and I was freezing (air temp was around 1 degree). At first, we were on some snowmobile trail that was pretty uneven and difficult to ski in. However, after about 30 minutes we found the real ski trail. It wasn’t groomed, it was actually very similar to the snowmobile trail. For some reason, it was better, more fun! Maube because Sofie makes me so happy, maybe because Matt decided to take all the risks going down the dark, unknown downhills on the trail. Once I saw he was not dead I followed, then came Sofie and we continue down the trail. The trail is surprisingly hilly and incredibly beautiful at night. Incredibly beautiful thanks to the full moon, clear sky and frosty air. I think the team is planning on checking the trail out for fun tomorrow, they will not regret it.

Speaking of beautiful nature, my friend I met at the U, who is also on the Nordic club, sent me am amazing pic of the St. Cloud sunset while she was skiing! Sorry, no picture to show right now because my service is so poor, a photo upload would take an hour! Luckily, I can still update my blog with words!

After the adventure ski, Sofie fed me the most delicious Cocoanut and Chocolate Banana Bread I have ever ingested. Seriously. I’m so lucky!!! Then we went in the hot tub at the hotel (she’s staying in the team hotel, I’m staying with Matty T  at a motel – more on that in a bit). The hot tub was very relaxing, but super hot. So, I jumped in the pool and swam a lap to cool down.

After a full day of skiing, hanging with old friends and having a great time, Matt and I had to head over to our hotel. Robert, the owner of the Motel, had been waiting up for us (we arrived around 10) – super nice guy. He gave us a key and we went over to our room. Walking in, Matt and I were surprised at how warm the room is – we thought it was going to be freezing, sad and dirty. However, it is spacious (well, specious enough for some college kids on a serious budget), clean and has everything we need (including a drying rack for our wet ski clothing!) – I’m going to write this place a fantastic review online to more people stay here and aren’t initially turned off by the one poor review our of two that are written online. Oh, the power of social media and suggestion.

Anyways, breakfast is at 7:30am! I will have a pic on trail tomorrow to prove the astonishing views and beauty. I love skiing, snow, Minnesota, everything! I better get to bed.

Sleep well, blog readers. Thanks for reading! 😀

More tomorrow!


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