Due North 

I survived the trip back to Marine on Saint Croix from Des Moines, IA. The time with my grandparents and family was so nice, but I’m ready to ski! My alarm blared at 6:30am, waking my cat and me. I wiped my eyes, gave my cat a pep talk about life and then made some espresso (thank the good earth for espresso!). Currently, I am in transit, due north to Biwabik, MN to ski at Giants Ridge Ski Resort! 

Don’t worry Mother, I know you will read this, the house is in perfect order! All the lights are off, the pets have food and the doors are locked! 

I left home right on time and arrived at the high school around 7:30am. Many familiar faces were there with smiles and greetings when I got there! The best Nordic ski team in the country, Stillwater  Nordic, is heading up to Giants Ridge (“the ridge”)  for the next three days! My best memories are from this trip. I was only able to go twice during my high school skiing career, but it was the best time of my life! This time, I’m honored to be a coach for the varsity boys with fellow U of M freshman and STILLWATER Alum, Matt Trumper. 

Typically, a day for us looks like this: 

7am – wake up 

7:30am – breakfast 

9am – ski for 2.5 hours 

Noon – lunch 

2pm – ski for 2 more hours 

6pm – dinner 

7pm – shenanigans 

8pm – night ski 

10pm – more shananigans 

Highlights of the trip typically include: pizza night, the great escape from the place we sleep to sled with the pizza boxes from pizza night on the hill (though, this year, sadly, the “dorms” are no longer at the Resort so the team has to stay somewhere in town rather than at the ridge – this means probably no sledding… Very sad). However, the lack of sledding means more time to practice skits (which the Alumni judge!). 

I can not wait to finally get on some skis! 

10 degrees in Biwabik right now. 


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