Christmas in West Des Moines

My new blog! I am actually not currently sipping a latte and wearing my Patagonia sweatshirt. I’m wearing a collared shirt from Kohls, jeans I’ve had for years and some socks that Sofie got me – keeping it real. Anyways, let’s get into my life.

Yes, it is this time of year again – Of course, I am talking about Christmas! My family and I joined the grandparents here in West Des Moines, Iowa to celebrate! Their house is always so nice, cozy, decorated to a T! As you can see:

As you can see:


The tree is beautifully decorated and illuminated thanks to my Grandpa, Steve. What you can’t see/smell from this picture is the food being cooked by Grandma Ann (I assure you, the food is well worth the year-long wait)!

Now, for what is really interesting: the present list! Here is what I have acquired:

  • Amazon Gift Cards (that’s right, plural)
  • Norwegian Sweater Vest
  • Embroidered Towel (it says, “Q”)
  • Antibacterial Facial Towel (thanks, mom)
  • cute little Santa ornament with a secret compartment
  • cycling socks, hat and gloves (shout out to my peeps in New Jersey – I miss you!!!)
  • A couple books from my dad
  • socks (SOCKS!!!)
  • Fandango Giftcard
  • Running shoes (Nike Structure 18)
  • Last but not least… AVETT BROTHERS TICKETS (Sofie, you ARE the best.)

Most importantly, spending time with my family is always the best gift! (not just saying that, I really mean it!!)

Lastly, I’m off to Giant’ Ridge in Biwabik, MN for a few days to cap off the year! I CAN NOT WAIT to ski! FINALLY! However, all the cycling gifts I’ve received have tempted me to go on some winter rides (I mean, as an adult I am able to do whatever I want! Right?)

Always wishing for snow,




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